A combination of traditional manufacturing methods and state of the art technology are employed in the production of PELLWOOD drumsticks. The US sourced Hickory and European Hornbeam woods are dried slowly and naturally in the open air until immediately prior to production whence required moisture levels are achieved using a condensation drier, this method is sympathetic to the wood and allows its character and quality to be preserved.

   After drying the wood is cut and graded, ensuring only that of the highest quality is used to produce PELLWOOD drumsticks, post manufacture quality control ensures that any sticks deemed not to meet there exacting standards are reclassified as X-LINE STIX product, a highly affordable option.

   PELLWOOD drumsticks are finished using a fine layer of anti skid lacquer ensuring the natural structure of the wood is not compromised and allowing for a comfortable and natural experience for the drummer.

   In 2009 PELLWOOD took the innovative and unique step of introducing a pre-production wood weighing process, by assessing the weight and density of the wood PELLWOOD is able to ensure that for each of its drumsticks there weight will be consistent with a maximum tolerance of 3g on all models. Therefore PELLWOOD drummers can now be confident that when replacing their current sticks, there replacements will feel just the same.

All Pellwood sticks are available in Hickory.
All Pellwood sticks are available in Hornbean.
All Pellwood sticks are available with Nylon tips.
All Pellwood sticks are available in our cheaper economy line - X-LINE STIX.
All Pellwood sticks have constant weight.

Pellwood reserves the right to update and modify its products with regard to their design and features.
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